Miniature Bull Terriërs

We like to breed social, healthy and happy miniature bullterriërs. And contribute to preserving the breed and more familiar.

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  • Weight: There is no weight restriction
  • Withers: 35,5cm (+/- 2,5 cm)
  • Coat: Smooth, Short
  • Build: Strongly built, muscular, balanced and active with an intelligent expression
  • Hips: Broad, well muscled
  • Color: All colors except blue and liver
  • Temperament: Courageous, enthusiastic, stubborn, cheerful and full of life
  • Eyes: Narrow and triangular, slanted, black in color


Who knows the breed, however, does have a tremendous appreciation for the fine character. In the family, they behave very social, not obedient and quiet. They are not too good watchdogs, because they do not make much noise.

Generally they are very phlegmatic character. Also dealing with other pets is usually not a problem.

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Our Dogs

  • Eagle

    Eagle Vom Kaiserstuhl
  • Cailin

    Huanca EL Batidor
  • Aysha

    Mini-Bull-Devils Aysha
  • Beauty

    Mini-Bull-Devils Beauty
  • Aggy

    Agneta von der Couch
  • Pandora

    Mini-Bull-Devils Pandora
  • Indy

    Mini-Bull-Devils Indiana
  • Goiya

    Mini-Bull-Devils Goiya


Good health is very important for the miniature bull terrier.

It is very important that a miniature bull terrier with which one wants to breed is perfectly healthy. That is why we think it is important to let your miniature bull terrier be tested beforehand on PLL, Heart and Kidneys.

We also show our dogs which cover plate will find both males and females in advance testing on PLL, Heart and Kidneys. We therefore make use of only healthy dogs in our breeding program.

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About Mini-Bull-Devils

Miniature Bull Terriers

We are Mia and Lou van Horck and live with our Miniature Bull Terriers, in Beesel a village in beautiful Limburg. After being introduced to the miniature bull terrier breed through friends in 2009, we were completely crazy about the mini bull.

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We are members of the Dutch Miniature Bull Terriër Club" (NMBTC) and the "Deutscher Club für Bullterrier e.V." (DCBT). And keep us in the breeding of the miniature bull terrier to the breed regulations of the breed club NMBTC and the Board of Directors.

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