The breed

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a dog that appeals to many people and just as many repels


Like its big brother, the Standard Bull Terrier, Miniature has to contend with the prejudices that prevail about "fighting dogs".

The owner will be required to provide some insight into the specific nature Bullen. Education through the dog drill and with a heavy hand to correct the character completely mess.

The Miniature Bull Terrier requires a consistent approach, which in principle the use of the voice is paramount. Physically minis pretty hard, in contrast to his oh so delicate soul. Praising him/her in to heaven rate pricing to correct behavior, is a great way to obey him.

Patience and humor, plus a healthy dose of (mutual) respect, are the ingredients for a long life together with the finest fellow that you can imagine.

A Miniature Bull Terrier is a very affectionate dog. Keeping several dogs at once therefore requires considerable sensitivity of the owner. The ranking should never be broken by the dogs themselves fights. The owner shall always cross the border.


Miniature Bull Terriers are well built, generally healthy, strong dogs with short smooth coat adjacent. The maintenance shall therefore not much. All colors are permitted except blue and liver. The whites may have markings on the head, the coloured ones, the colour should dominate. Black brindle, red, fawn and tricolor, with or without white, occurs.

Breeding a good Mini is still a huge task. The file of dogs is very small. Must often travel far for a suitable breeding male. Then comes the exciting waiting for a litter. Regular expressions females not to have become pregnant and the farmer must again wait until the next oestrus. Natural births are often very difficult, and a cesarean is therefore quite frequently. When the pups have finally arrived, a hectic times for the breeder begin. A Mini mother is not always careful with her puppies. A dedicated breeder doesn't lose mother and her offspring out of sight the first weeks.

If you want to know more about the Miniature Bull Terrier, you can buy books about the Miniature Bull Terrier. There are only a few books especially about the Miniature Bull.

The origins

How the Miniature Bull Terrier originated exactly, is almost impossible to trace. The Englishman James Hinks tried by crosses of different Bulldogs and Terriers and perhaps other breeds, small dog create. He was a talented breeder, but attached little importance to the conduct of herd. It was until 1875 frequently dogs with the same names registered, what a thing is even less clear!

It is certain that in the first days of the Bull Terrier many miniatures occurred. The first standard for the Bull Terrier was the weight of the race held at over 4-28 kilo.Honden with a wide disparity in weight, were simply crossed. There are reports that at a show in 1869, as many as 32 Bull Terriers under 7 pounds were enrolled, and 19 dogs over that weight. There were even Bull Terriers of less than 4 pounds!

The miniatures were used in the English popular entertainment in the "pit" where substantial numbers of rats died. A famous Miniature Bull Terrier from that time was the infamous Pied Piper "Shaw's Sacko," which were rekord numbers dooddde rats in the pit.

At the time, the Miniature Bull Terriers so much more popular than the standard Bull Terriers. When the standard Bull Terriers however getting better and better bred, the number of fans of the Miniature Bull Terrier further reduced.

In 1918 there was even such a low point that the studbook for the Miniature Bull Terrier was closed. The breed was forgotten.

Only in 1938, founded a few friends of the race, among them Sir Richard H.Glyn, a new club in London for the Miniature Bull Terrier. The standard of the Bull Terrier was totally taken over by two points after, the maximum height was 35.56 cm and weight up to 14 pounds. Here the dog should give the impression that he possesses the maximum substance, appropriate to its size, and altogether harmonious.

Unfortunately, the Second World War interrupted quickly the progress of the race. After the war was in England again an attempt, using scaled-down Bull. Terriers breed again to set. The big success was still far off. Only in 1970, succeeded by a number of targeted intersections (default Bull Terrier x Miniature and vice versa) the quality of the Bull Terrier approaching.

In 1978 the weight limit is withdrawn, which also had a positive impact. The Miniature Bull was now a solid, in pocket size. Nevertheless remained, and remains there for breeders of this small breed is still much to do before a unit type and quality can be achieved.

We are members of the Dutch Miniature Bull Terriër Club" (NMBTC) and the "Deutscher Club für Bullterrier e.V." (DCBT). And keep us in the breeding of the miniature bull terrier to the breed regulations of the breed club NMBTC and the Board of Directors.

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